Come journey with me...

I view the healing path as a journey of discovery where it is my honor to be a respectful and knowledgeable witness, ready to shine a compassionately objective light upon matters previously unknown or unacknowledged.
We all have untapped inner resources of courage, compassion, and resourcefulness which we can access to bring about healing and growth.

Truth heals, though it may come with pain and effort. By acknowledging, accepting, and agreeing to our past, and the choices that have been made, we can diminish our suffering, create compassion, love, vitality, and joy in relationship with ourselves and with others, and turn to fully embrace the life we have before us.

My intention is to provide the support and feedback that empowers you to challenge belief systems that keep you stuck and may manifest as anxiety, depression, major stress, or disease, so that you can experience new beliefs and move   boldly forward into your life.

My practice is an integration of my training and experience with a variety of healing and coaching methodologies. I support you and your goals by using The Constellation Approach™, Kabbalistic Healing, and Life Purpose Coaching, in addition to experiential exercises, guided imagery, relaxation, stretching, meditation technique and even mythological story telling, for healing and growth.

Every one of us is unique, and my work is tailored to each client’s individual needs. I welcome culturally diverse clients of all ages who are on a wide variety of spiritual and religious paths, including atheism.

My practice does have a special emphasis on, and expertise with, young adults. I strive to meet adolescents where they find themselves, knowing this can be different at any given moment, and to support them in their personal self discovery and individuation processes.


To Journey Within

You have no need to travel anywhere - journey within yourself.

Enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendor of your own light." 
~ Rumi

Meet Kelly

I am Kelly Lyn, a healing arts practitioner and certified life and career coach.

I have been supporting people with their growth and healing processes since 2003, both in the U.S. and abroad. I work with adults and teens who are committed to becoming more deeply connected to themselves and others.

Please email me if you feel we could be a good match for working together on the next stage of your journey.

Kelly Lyn, Ph.D
  • Certified Life and Career Coach (CCE)
  • The Constellation Approach™ Facilitator
  • Souls Journey™ Kabbalistic Healer